Bill Maher

I was raised half Jewish and half Catholic. When I’d go to confession, I’d say “Bless me, father, for I have sinned — and you know my attorney, Mr.Cohen.”

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  1. Bill, as I listened to your show last night, I realized that you have been failed in your childhood/adulthood. By that I mean you have not been taught or given unconditional love by anyone that you could see or touch. So I guess, that is why your faith in God is not there. If you didn’t get all you needed from the people you could see and touch, then why should you trust someone that you can’t. I feel very bad for you not receiving something that is so easy to give and therefore rendering you faithless. My prayer for you is that somehow , someway you will allow yourself to experience God’s love and I guarantee you that you will never question God’s existence again and you will then give him the honor and the glory that God deserves. With Love, Candice

  2. Saw Bill tonight on Conan O’Brien show this evening. I haven’t heard anyone hit the nail on the head like that in a long time. I thought his appraisal of Sara Palin was one of the best yet. Go get ‘em Bill.

  3. Bill is a kid who has the the honesty, the simplicity and the guts to shout out; “The King is naked!”. He is greater than all the prophets and their books put together. Pull your heads out of the sand, World!

  4. Bill should have grown up in the Southern Bible Belt. He would have enough material to last a life time. I do believe in a Higher Power of some kind. How would humans been given a moral conscience and other animals not, if there was not a power of some kind that no human has the capability to comprehend. My question’s to Bill would be: How did the diciples remember word for word what Jesus said? Did they have a stenographer? How come God chose to speak in specific words to those ancient goat hearders and now doesn’t talk directly to anyone? Why would a power so great it could create everything find it necessary to send his only Son to Earth in human form to prove he existed? Did Lazarus or the little girl who were raised from the dead ever die again? I wonder if they are still wondering around together somewhere? Just a few of my own questions. I can only imagine poor Joseph when his fiance told him she was pregnant and that God was the father.

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